Chicks1Chicks2This week Class 2 had some very exciting visitors to their classroom! When we walked in this week we could hear a small ‘cheep cheep’ noise. Jo asked us what we thought it was and some of us knew it was a chick! We looked at the egg shell and talked about why it was important for the chick to keep warm. Some of us knew it was a baby, just like we once were!


Over the week things got more and more exciting because more chicks arrived! We were really interested to see that they were different colours, and lots of us liked watching them eat their food. Sometimes when we were really quiet we could hear the cheeping.

Chicks3Chicks4Then, on Thursday the older children went with Nesta to tidy up the pond. We found out that we were tidying the pond because there was frogspawn in the Special Box Nesta had bought, and we needed to make it nice for them.




We found this really exciting and afterwards we stayed out in the sunshine, making some beautiful drawings of the frogspawn. They were so wonderful the grown ups pinned them up outside for all the frogspawn to see!



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