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Early Days Nursery T&Cs

General Information/Terms and Conditions

Early Days Nursery School was established by Nicola Murphy in January 1992, operating from a single room in the current nursery premises. Over the years the nursery has grown significantly and now has sole use of the Old School building and grounds which are owned by the Reade Estate, Ipsden. Nicola Murphy remains the owner of the nursery with Ken Murphy as the Director. Tracey Webb (Masters in Childhood Studies, BA in Art and Design with QTS and Early Years Teacher’s Status) is the OFSTED Nominated Person. Early Days remains very much a family owned nursery with some staff having been with the nursery for over 20 years.


The nursery is open Monday to Friday between 7.15 am and 6.15 pm for 51 weeks per year, closing only between Christmas and New Year and on Bank Holidays (for which there is no charge). The nursery operates on a termly basis, 40 weeks with optional holiday clubs. Term dates for each year are shown on the notice board in the corridor and handed out to parents/carers at various times during the year. We offer the option for children to attend our holiday clubs for the full time or on specific days as required. There are a variety of sessions available within each day and these shown on our nursery fees information sheet. However individual needs can be discussed with the room managers and/or nursery office.

We operate a breakfast club from 7.15 am to 8.00am and children staying after 5.00 pm will be offered a hot meal at lunch time.

Premises and equipment 

The nursery is housed in the former village school building and so lends itself well for use as a children's nursery. All rooms are light and airy and have plenty of space for the children who attend each day. Class 1 has a fenced and covered outside area which can be directly accessed from the classroom. The room is divided into various areas including, role play, tiny tots area, book and quiet area and craft and messy area and offers a range of adult and child initiated activities. There is a separate room used for both sleeping and smaller group activities. Class II also has access to a fenced and covered outside area with free -flow access from the classroom. Like Class I the room is split into various areas i.e craft, literacy, science, maths, role play with an adequate balance of child selected and adult selected activities/equipment. There is a quiet book corner and a large carpeted area for music & movement and 'circle' times, etc. There are child sized toilets, potties, two nappy changing units and hand basins located in the corridor which are readily accessible throughout the day. Children are accompanied to the toilet area. In the grounds of the nursery we additionally have a ‘chalet’ style building which is shared by both classes and lends itself to small group activities. There are both grassed and hard-standing play areas and we have the use of the adjoining playing field. There is an active fenced in pond sited in the grassed area. Our beautifully designed area offers a tunnel, climbing mound, 'yellow brick road' pathway, quiet and picnic areas, a wildlife section and a variety of vegetable and plant growing containers for the children to use, growing our own produce for meals and snacks.

The nursery has a large range of equipment and there is an ongoing budget for new purchases. We have plenty of resources for literacy, writing and maths equipment, computer technology, art and craft materials, table top activities, musical instruments, a 'kitchen' area, books, gym equipment, bikes, balls and hoops, beanbags, dolls, dressing up clothes, games and large floor toys. Some equipment is shared between the classes. All equipment is purchased from reputable suppliers and is checked for safety and is cleaned on a strict schedule. There is comprehensive risk assessment documentation available for parents to see in the corridor.

Educational programme

The nursery operates a daily timetable (a copy is displayed both written and visually in each room), which allows time for developing the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage i.e. the prime areas of Personal, Social and Emotional development; Communication and Language and Physical development, and the four specific areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Activities are carefully planned and are based on child observations, usually linked to themes that we have chosen for the term. From our observations we can then extend our themes to encompass the next developmental stages for the child/children. We are supported with the implementation of the EYFS through LEA Early Years Development Team. The Early Years Foundation Stage will be continued by your chosen Primary School for the first one to two years that your child attends.

Information is published in a newsletter at the beginning of each term and the nursery theme planning sheets are available for you to look at in each classroom. Evaluations of individual activities and weekly experiences are completed, along with observations to inform future planning and are used for continuous improvement. 


Each child will be issued with a Profile file which holds observations (both long and ‘snap shot’) and that cover the areas of learning for the EYFS, photographs, drawings, writing and artwork, to show your child's progress. These will be kept at the nursery and are available for parents/carers to access daily. You can arrange an appointment at any time to discuss your child’s progress and we also hold twice yearly parents’ evenings for children in Class II, where you are welcome to come and discuss with us the progress of your child. The Profiles will be given to you along with a formal report at the time your child leaves. You will need to then pass these on to their Primary Schools to complete the final Foundation Stage targets and goals.

During your child’s time at nursery we welcome parental contributions to these files and we would encourage you to make your own observational notes that we can add to increase our knowledge of your child and what they are doing/achieving at home.

Key person

All children will be allocated a key person and attached to this document you will find a full description of the role of the key person.

Communicating with parents

Please find attached a list of all the ways we work in partnership with parents. All children will be given a home/nursery diary to share information between home and nursery. Staff are always available to chat at the beginning and end of sessions and time can be planned for parent/practitioner consultations when required to discuss your child's individual progress. The half termly newsletter also has information about special events and dates for your diary are shared periodically. Most communication is done by email, so please provide us with your email address but if you would like paper copies please let us know.

We periodically issue parental questionnaires to ensure that we are meeting your expectations as well. There is a Parent’s Suggestion Box on the wall in the corridor where parents can put their ideas, suggestions, etc. anonymously if preferred.

School inspections

Early Days Nursery School Ltd is inspected by OFSTED and a copy of the Inspection Report is displayed in the corridor and can additionally be accessed via the OFSTED website. The Inspection is very thorough and all action points are carried out within a short time frame. The nursery is also visited by an LEA advisory teacher and an LEA advisory play teacher who can assist the nursery with any issues and also suggest improvements or amendments to procedures and practices. We also regularly attend network meetings which we have arranged alongside other day nurseries.


At Early Days we are very careful to follow the ‘safer recruitment’ guidelines as issued by the Children’s Workforce Development Council. No member of staff will be left alone with any child/children until a satisfactory DBS check is in place. Appropriate staff ratios are maintained at all times – the guidelines for 0-2 year olds is a ratio of 1:3, 2-3 year olds the ratio is 1:4 and 3-4 year olds is a ratio of 1:8 - often we work with more staff than the minimum requirement. All staff have to undergo continuous training and are encouraged to achieve at least a Level III qualification. When completing work for NVQ's it is necessary to take photographs and comment on children's work and play. If you do not wish your child to be involved in these activities, please could you indicate on the attached form. Room managers and deputy room managers have a wealth of qualifications between them and many years' experience.

Equal opportunities

There is no discrimination when admitting children to the nursery with regards to sex, nationality or race. Where appropriate, equipment and activities will reflect all nationalities. Early Days Nursery School Ltd is an Equal Opportunities employer.

Inclusion/Children with additional needs

Early Days will offer places to children with additional needs. We have close relations with many external agencies and would work together to provide any additional help that is needed. Oxfordshire County Council will fund additional one to one support for children with additional needs.

Early Days has a SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator) and teacher as part of the staff team who between them have a wide experience of working with all aspects of children with additional needs. Staff will discuss with parents/carers any concerns that they have over any child who may, in their opinion, require additional support. After a parent/carer consultation, we would work with families and the appropriate agencies and professionals to support your child's needs.

Selecting children for places

Children who attend Class I will automatically be offered a place in Class II. Other children will be entered on a waiting list for the appropriate term they can start and they will be informed during the half term before this whether we have availability. The waiting list operates on a 'first come, first served' basis and is not influenced by race, gender, additional needs or any other factors.

Children attending the nursery are encouraged to attend at least two sessions per week to allow the children to settle well, develop secure attachments with their key person and other staff, form friendships with other children and get the most out of their nursery experience.

Children entering Class II who have not come from Class I will be offered settling in visits prior to their start date. For some children one or two visits may be enough, other children might take several visits, initially with a parent/carer staying before being left in the care of the nursery staff. Children moving up from Class I will make visits, increasing in length, to Class II during the half term prior to moving classes. They will meet up with their new key person and the key person will also make visits into Class I and spend some time with their new child/children.

Safeguarding children

In accordance with The Children Act 1989, we have a responsibility for the care of children attending the nursery as we are registered with OFSTED. A copy of the Home Office’s ‘What To Do If You’re Worried A Child Is Being Abused’ booklet can be found on the nursery notice board which outlines the procedures we would follow in the event of us being concerned about any child. We also have our own Safeguarding Children Policy which is available in the Office. Gina Camberlain and Julie Meakin are the designated Safeguarding Children Officers and they have both completed the Specialist Safeguarding Training Course with Oxfordshire’s Safeguarding Children Board. All other staff have undertaken a minimum of General Safeguarding Training Course with the same Board. The qualifications are subsequently renewed within a designated time frame.


Children at Early Days are taught through positive reinforcement. Children learn not to harm others, to be kind and gentle and to take care of the nursery environment and living things. Each child is encouraged and helped to follow age appropriate classroom expectations. No child will be physically chastised or punished for misbehaviour. A copy of the nursery’s Behaviour Policy is available to be read in the Nursery Policy file in the corridor.

Health and Safety

Copies of the Local Government's Health and Safety Regulations are displayed in the kitchen. As we are involved in food preparation we are inspected by Oxfordshire County Council’s Health and Safety Executive on a regular and unannounced basis.

Health and Safety literature and the nursery’s own policies are located in a file in the corridor. Currently we hold the highest score for Food and Hygiene issued by SODC following an impromptu visit.


Although all efforts are made to make the nursery environment as safe as possible, small accidents like children falling over occur and after comforting and caring for the child, these are recorded on your child's accident sheet. Parents are informed of the accident at the end of their child's session and are asked to sign the form. In the unlikely event of a serious accident, staff will attempt to contact by telephone parents/carers or the emergency contacts as stipulated on the Emergency Information Sheets. The child's own doctor would also be contacted. Should a child need to receive emergency treatment away from the school, a member of staff would accompany the child to either a surgery or hospital until a parent/guardian arrived. Like minor accidents, a major accident would be recorded on a sheet in your child’s file and the nursery would follow the procedures as laid down by Riddor (the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences).

We need to note on your child's Home Accident Sheet any injury that a child enters nursery with i.e. if they have fallen and grazed with knee and the marks are still evident and/or are sore. This action avoids any confusion as to whether a child had incurred any injury at nursery. We would ask for your co-operation in this.


If your child has been ill, please allow 48 hours to elapse after he/she has recovered before sending him/her back to nursery. Please notify the nursery of any infectious diseases. Early Days Nursery School Ltd undertakes to notify parents of any infectious illnesses contracted by children attending the nursery. We have a number of signs that we would place on the external entrance door informing you of any infectious illnesses at the nursery and are notated in our day book.

It is the policy at Early Days that any child found to have head lice will be sent home. Head lice is an increasing problem within schools and nurseries and you will find attached some guidance on how to treat the problem. It should be noted however that the lice do seem to prefer very clean hair - so nobody should feel embarrassed by the problem!


If your child needs to take medicines during the nursery day, then please send a 'self-administering' spoon. Clearly defined instructions must be entered on our administration of medicine form by the parent/carer. We are unable to give any medicines unless they have been prescribed by a doctor. In the case of Calpol however we will administer it in a case of emergency but only if we have had verbal instruction over the telephone from the parent/carer that we are able to do so and that the parent/carer is on their way to the nursery to collect the child. Medicines must be handed to a member of staff and not left in the child's back-pack or lunchbox. Medicines will be stored in a Medicine Box in the fridge or secure medicine cabinet.

Staff need to be specially trained for the administering of Epipen's, suppositories, etc. prior to being allowed to administer such items. Children who have specific medical needs will have this recorded on the appropriate documentation and forwarded to the Local Authority Health Department (if necessary) and nursery’s insurance company.

Epipen Action Plans are located in each classroom.

If your child has any allergies, please could you kindly ask for an Allergy Alert Form from the Class Manager that we can keep on file. 

First Aid

At least one member of staff qualified in Paediatric First Aid (12 hour course) is always present in each class. It is our policy to use disposable protective gloves when dealing with bodily fluids i.e. blood, vomit, urine. A list of staff who currently hold the Paediatric First Aid Certificate is on the Parent’s Notice Board in the corridor.

First Aid kits are taken out on outings along with the nursery mobile telephone.


Whilst every effort will be made to protect your child from paint, glue, etc. please could you bear in mind that there is always the possibility of accidental spillages onto your child's clothing! We therefore suggest that children do not attend the school wearing their 'best' clothes.

If possible, could children not wear lace-up shoes or trainers as these are very time-consuming and often dangerous.

Please could children not wear fancy dress to school.

Outside activities

Children will be taken outside on a daily basis and so appropriate clothing is needed please. Each child needs to bring a pair of named wellington boots during bad weather terms. (Please do not put these in a plastic bag as this is a potential hazard when children are in the corridor). Warm coats, hat, gloves (PREFERABLY MITTENS) and scarves are recommended (named please!) during the cold weather. In the summer please could you send your child in with a 10 hour sun cream already applied along with a sun hat. Early Days Nursery School Ltd will have some 10 hour sun cream on site should you forget to apply the cream before you come to the nursery. We have a supply of legionnaire sun hats for the children to use which protect the back of the neck.

A copy of our sun protection policy is held in our Nursery Policy file which is available in the corridor.

We request that children do not use the outdoor equipment outside of nursery hours i.e. at arrival and departure times. Early Days Nursery School Ltd cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur at these times.


Please see sheet enclosed with this pack.

Toys at nursery

Please could you discourage your child from bringing 'toys' to nursery. Items relevant to 9
our topics and projects will be very welcome. The nursery cannot be liable for any loss or damage caused to items brought in from outside as it is inevitable that other children will try to play with them.


We would ask you to provide your child with suitably sized disposable nappies, creams, wipes and spare clothes. Each child will have a labelled box in the cloakroom into which these can be placed. Staff will put reminders either on the boxes or on your child's peg when supplies are running low.

Non smoking policy

Both the external and internal areas at Early Days Nursery Ltd are all designated non smoking areas. Appropriate signage is in place and anyone seen smoking will be immediately asked to extinguish their cigarette/cigar/pipe.

Mobile telephones

For the protection of your child we insist that when entering Early Days you switch off your mobile telephone. This is a requirement of parents/carers, visitors and staff.

Arriving/leaving Early Days

We ask everyone to bear in mind that Ipsden is a small, quiet village with access being through narrow, winding country roads. Off-the-road parking is available in the nursery playground. When leaving the school building, please could everyone ensure that the rear door is pulled closed.

When driving away from the nursery we would request that everyone follows the "way out" sign and turns to the left.

Children will only be allowed to leave the school premises with those people mentioned on the 'Pick-Up' form or who are written in the 'Pick-Up' book.

When you and your child leave the school building

Once you have collected your child and left the nursery building, you are responsible for your child in the playground area and beyond. Early Days Nursery School Ltd cannot be held liable for any damage or injury to person and/or property after this time. We do not recommend that parents/carers leave siblings in their cars whilst collecting their child/children from the nursery. Early Days Nursery School Ltd is not liable for any child left in a car or pram/pushchair outside the nursery building.


Children in Class II are involved in a Christmas and Spring concert. These are great social events for the parents and a lovely way to end the term. The children and staff 10
put in a great deal of time and effort for these and we would ask you to bear this in mind when bringing younger siblings along. If you can find someone to look after younger family members, it would be most appreciated alternatively we can offer a free crèche in Class I during this time.


Fees are invoiced on a half termly basis and should be paid within14 days of receipt of invoice. Payment can be made by electronic banking. A charge of £25.00 per week will be made for the late payment of fees to cover additional administration costs. We do not accept cash payments of over £50.00.

We accept monthly workplace vouchers at an annual fee of £25.00.

If your child is ill or absent from the nursery, unfortunately no refund can be made.

Notice of leaving

You are required to give one full term’s notice in writing of your child leaving the nursery otherwise one full term's fees will be payable. The nursery operates a three term basis. Children leaving half way through a term are still liable for the full term's fees.

Increasing/decreasing sessions

You will be issued with a form at each half term to confirm which sessions you require for the following term. Please could you give a half term's notice however if you wish to decrease your child's sessions otherwise you will be liable for the fees.

Funding for two/ three and four year olds

If your child is 2 or nearly 2 and you receive certain benefits you may qualify for 15 hours free early education each week (570 hours for the full year). It is usually taken over 38/39 weeks, during term time.

The term after your child turns 3 you are able to access up to 15 hours funding from the government. This amount increases to 25 hours should you defer your child's entry to school. This funding is for term time periods only, usually 38/39 weeks per year. You can only use a maximum of 6 hours funding per day. We are offering the 15/25 hours of free funding for afternoon sessions from 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm. These do need to be booked for the term to allow us to plan staffing and ensure that we have space. Morning and full day sessions will be charged at Early Days' rates with the funding deducted. We offer flexibility to our parents/carers, choice of sessions, long days and short days with the addition of breakfasts and late afternoon sessions whenever they are needed.

Pupil Premium

The early years pupil premium (EYPP) is additional funding for early years settings to improve the education they provide for disadvantaged 3-4 year olds. Forms are given to all 3-4 year olds families to see if they are eligible for the premium. The nursery along with parents' views make a decision on how the funding is best spent e.g. training, one-to-one support or resources.


A copy of the nursery’s Complaint’s Policy can be found in the corridor.

Information sharing

If you child attends another pre -school setting on a weekly basis, we will seek your permission to share certain information with the other setting i.e. the name of their key person and their progress. By signing the section on the Personal Information forms, you are allowing us to do this.

Wherever possible, we will seek your permission prior to contacting any other agencies or organisations, unless we consider the child’s welfare to be at risk.

Late or non-collection of a child

You will find a detailed policy outlining our procedure in the Nursery Policy file in the corridor.

What to bring

Please could each child bring : a named lunch box, named wellington boots and warm outside clothing or sun hats - whichever is appropriate. Try to remember the home/nursery/book skills book each day as well! MITTENS not gloves please! Younger children need to bring a supply of nappies, wipes, spare clothes and creams.

Severe weather

In the case of severe weather the nursery will take a measured decision as to whether the nursery will remain open for the full hours. Should this instance occur, then you will be contacted by telephone and asked to pick up your child/children. It is very important that parents/carers cooperate with our decision as Ipsden is a small village with only a few access roads. The nursery commits to opening during all weather conditions for as long as is deemed safe.

We do not refund monies if the nursery has to close for severe weather.

Overnight cover

In the very unlikely event that children are either unable to be collected due to severe weather or unable to be collected for any other reason, Early Days Nursery School Ltd will in the first place contact Social Services to notify them of the situation and would take guidance from them as to the next action. Any such incidents would then be recorded and OFSTED would be informed of what action the nursery took. 

Nursery policies

All nursery policies are available for parents to read and are contained in a lever arch file in the corridor. An up to date list of policies is also displayed in the corridor.

Reviewed and Updated September 2015

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