Every afternoon, the Early Days team in Cubs and Bears plan a specific focused activity for the twp and four years olds providing them with a range of additional experiences. These activities support the children’s learning and are led by our experienced and skilled staff team or by professional specialists. There are currently nine varied activities, each lasting an hour, which give the children an opportunity to explore through an active, hands-on session.

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Children have the opportunity to see a wide range of animals which, if appropriate, they are able to touch or hold.



Our trained staff talk about where our food comes from (linking to gardening) and assist the children with cooking healthy food to take home.


Phonics Sessions

Children are introduced to phonics and letter recognition, as well as learning how to trace and draw letters.

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The children learn about what plants need. They love to get hands-on – digging, sowing seeds and are excited to use what they grow in their cooking.

Mini Professors

Children are introduced to science through hands on experiments, videos and stories.



The children hear and play a variety of instruments. They make music and create their own orchestra as well as listening and responding to a range of music.

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Music & Movement

Fun and interactive music activities are programmed to support listening and speaking skills as well as develop confidence and physical skills.

Nature Detectives

Being in the countryside we love a bug hunt! It could be butterfly spotting, red kites flying or learning how important worms are to our soil.

PE/Parachute Games

Children have fun testing their physical skills, developing self-help skills, changing clothing/footwear and working as part of a team.

While our three and four year olds are experiencing these activities our two year olds have a programme of activities specifically designed for their interests. These are based around repeated patterns of play (schema) for example, rotation, transportation and trajectory.


Woodland School


In addition to the above, the children in Bears are taken to a local Forest School site to experience Woodland School, one morning every week throughout the year.

There has been considerable research into the benefits of outdoor learning showing that children and young people are stimulated by the outdoors. Children are able to take appropriate risks, whilst the leader has carried out risk assessments, which are constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure that all activities are safe, balanced and will add to the children’s learning, development, self-confidence and self-esteem.

There’s no need for transport, it’s a walk across a field and we’re there. Woodland School provides the children freedom to explore, discover and learn in a different environment to the nursery.

Whilst at Woodland School, the children may try out shelter building, lighting fires, hide and seek, clay modelling, tool skills or create eco-art to take home. Each activity develops teamwork skills, individual skills and confidence as well as practical and intellectual skills. The children develop a love of woodlands, the great outdoors, weather and seasons.